Friends of Walter is our loyalty program, designed to reward you with exclusive discounts as you earn points! (Walter is our droplet mascot!) As a Friend of Walter, you will be eligible to earn points whenever you make a purchase, refer a friend, write a product review, or share your love for Laneige on social media.

  • Sign up: Create an account and earn 10 points.
  • Purchases: Earn a point for every dollar spent, depending on your membership tier (1)
  • Refer a Friend: You and your friend will both receive a $15 coupon for your purchase of $60+ once your friend completes their purchase (2)
  • Spend over $100: 50 points (3)
  • Make 3 purchases: 100 points (4)
  • Product Reviews: Reviews are only eligible if accessed via the review email sent to you after a product purchase: 50 points (5)
  • Birthday Coupon: Tell us when your birthday is and we’ll give you a coupon, depending on your membership tier (6)
  • Follow us on Instagram: 25 points (7)
  • Level Up: Receive bonus points when you upgrade to a new tier (8)

Your birthday code will be sent to your account’s associated email address on the date of your birthday. If you do not receive this code (nor does it appear in your Rewards History within your Account page) please reach out to laneige@apus.amorepacific.com.

You will be a Droplet $0-$74 spent, a Rain Drop $75-$199 spent, and a Walter Drop with $200+ spent within the last 12-month period.

You have automatically been enrolled in the Friends of Walter program. Just log into your account!

Everyone! Just sign up for an account and start earning points!

At checkout, you’ll have the option to redeem your points if eligible. Redeem 100 points to get $15 off your purchase, 200 points for $30 off, and 300 points for $45 off your purchase. (9)

Yes, they can expire! Points will expire due to account inactivity for a period of one year.

Your current tier is calculated based on your total spend within the last 12-month period. If you go down a tier, you will still retain your previously earned points, except in the case of account inactivity in any 12-month period (see question 7 above).

Click on the account symbol in the top right corner to see how many points you have accumulated.

Don’t worry, sometimes it takes a few minutes for our system to process and apply points to your account. If you don’t see the points reflected in 24 hours, please reach out to laneige@apus.amorepacific.com

Any points associated with the order will be deducted from your account balance.

Aw, we’re sorry to see you go! Please reach out to laneige@apus.amorepacific.com and we will deactivate your account. You may re-enroll in Friends of Walter at any time, but your points balance will be reset to zero.

No fear! Please reach out to laneige@apus.amorepacific.com if you have any questions, and we’ll try to address it as soon as possible.

  1. The $ amount discounted using discount codes are not eligible to earn points. Taxes and shipping charges are not eligible toward earning points.

  2. Give your friend $15 off their first purchase of $60+ and, after your friend completes their first purchase, get 100 points for each successful referral. $15 off coupon eligible toward minimum orders of $60.

  3. Spend over $100 on a purchase to receive 50 points. Must be a single transaction before taxes.

  4. Make 3 purchases within the first 12-month period after sign up, and any subsequent 12-month period, to earn 100 points.

  5. Limit of one (1) review per customer per day. Reviews are only eligible to earn points if accessed via the Yotpo review email sent to you after each product purchase. Reviews left directly on our site and on products that have not been purchased on Laneige.com are not eligible.

  6. Customers must enter date of birth at least one month prior to the first day of birth month to be rewarded.

  7. Social shares, follows, or likes do not apply if completed directly through your social media account.

  8. Members will receive bonus points when they upgrade to a new tier: Rain Drop (50 points), Walter Drop (100 points).

  9. Points can redeemed only in 100-point increments. Points from Friends of Walter are non-transferable, have no cash value (unless required by law) and cannot be exchanged, sold or returned.